An active list of things I want to do...

  1. Trip to Europe
  2. Do hang gliding or paragliding
  3. Take a bellydance class
  4. Learn to knit, finish one knitting project 
  5. Do live-band karaoke
  6. Go Skydiving 
  7. Take part in a flash mob
  8. Learn to play an entire song on the piano/keyboard
  9. Learn to play an entire song on the guitar
  10. Walk over hot coals
  11. Ride a horse (or elephant?)
  12. Learn to country dance for reals
  13. Make a quilt
  14. Write a play
  15. Write a screenplay
  16. Learn to tango
  17. Sleep in a log cabin
  18. Stand in the skydeck thing in the Willis (Sears) Tower (Chicago)
  19. Spend a whole day at a spa
  20. Produce an independent film
  21. Watch every episode of “Doctor Who” ever made
  22. Post a how-to video online
  23. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  24. Take an art class at Lill Street
  25. Attend a party on a yacht 
  26. Ride one of those ridiculous-looking segways
  27. Do a polar bear plunge 
  28. Earn a medal
  29. Read 5 classic novels I’ve previously overlooked
  30. Try pilates
  31. Take a self-defense class
  32. Make ketchup 
  33. Make marshmallows 
  34. Crochet a complete project 
  35. Learn to sing one French folksong
  36. Learn to sing one mariachi song 
  37. Go to Mexico 
  38. Go to Canada
  39. Stomp grapes
  40. Throw a dagger
  41. Win a contest 
  42. Make an Ethopian meal
  43. Use a computerized wood carver
  44. Learn how to dribble a basketball and run at the same time
  45. Wear a dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) just for the funny photo 
  46. Memorize a famous speech
  47. Draw a zentangle
  48. Make soap
  49. Try white water rafting
  50. Make/send 52 handmade greeting cards
  51. Take a speed reading class (even though my dyslexia will kill me!)
  52. Read book about traditional Chinese medicine 
  53. Photograph a ‘supermoon’ 
  54. Own an original comic illustration 
  55. Watch 5 movies from 5 countries around one central theme
  56. Soak in a natural hot spring
  57. Go to Metallica's concert
  58. Make a hat
  59. Crash a convention
  60. Gate crash an unknown party and not get caught
  61. Sing the national anthem at a sporting event
  62. Wear colorful Keds
  63. Do a wall headstand
  64. Successfully pull off a Kickstarter campaign
  65. Do a shot of Malort
  66. Go on a solo kayak trip
  67. Learn to play the shofar
  68. Own a real-deal cowgirl shirt
  69. Get my hair braided
  70. Finish just one sudoku puzzle
  71. Get up at 5 a.m. everyday for a week
  72. Try paddle boarding
  73. Draw a recognizable caricature
  74. Buy a Feng shui 
  75. Be a line producer on a film shoot
  76. Participate in a huge snowball fight 
  77. Get lost in a corn maze
  78. Eat an apple straight off a tree
  79. Watch a pig race 
  80. Attend a masquerade
  81. Visit Google and Microsoft offices
  82. Try “active meditation”
  83. Try an acupuncture pen
  84. Make a public how-to guide
  85. Complete a calligraphy project 
  86. Try out wearing a fitness bracelet
  87. Make ice cream out of chia seeds
  88. Attend a wine dinner
  89. Try Stich Fix
  90. Use Prezi
  91. Eat a beer cupcake
  92. Wear monogram jewelry
  93. Experiment with essential oils
  94. Write and direct a short film
  95. Walk a red carpet
  96. Get selected in a film festival
  97. Do a radio show
  98. Be a part of an ad (TV & Radio)
  99. Hug a free hugger
  100. Make my own perfect signature perfume
  101. Hack mmmm
  102. Make kreplach and pelmini
  103. Make aranygaluska
  104. Find the perfect winter coat that even stands up to a Polar Vortex
  105. Accept a tough but inevitable truth
  106. Take the stairs at work more than the elevator
  107. Visit the Los Angeles Times 
  108. Kayak 
  109. Try a speedy kayak
  110.  Do the flying tea bag experiment
  111. Pet a living starfish
  112. Go apple-picking
  113. Wear a nail polish color I don’t think I can pull off 
  114. Make a ‘happy project’
  115. Dance to a different style of music everyday for a month
  116. Start singing in public and have people join in 
  117. Write or draw in snow with food 
  118. Take a helicoptor ride around Las Vegas
  119. Try a super fancy or weird burger
  120. Eat alligator
  121. Take a Ruby on Rails class 
  122. Do a cloud certification (Google or AWS)
  123. Go to Ellen Degeneres show
  124. Make a song remix
  125. Record a rap song
  126. Give a motivational speech
  127. Eat kale everyday for (at least) a month 
  128. Receive postal mail (postcard) from Portugal
  129. Pay it forward (as a surprise to the other person)
  130. Get your name published in the book of artists
  131. Be a part of worldwide project
  132. Do five or more consecutive days of radio shows
  133. Create an Instagram show promo video
  134. Walk under police tape
  135. Try a beer-flavored jellybean
  136. Say yes to an out-of-the-blue job
  137. Achieve ten consecutive roundhouse kicks in krav maga (kick boxing)
  138. Give a TED talk
  139. Get credits on IMDB page
  140. Take an Amtrak train
  141. Do a solo road trip
  142. Pet a big cat
  143. Attend a BIG fat Indian wedding
  144. Read about “the three poisons” in the Buddhist tradition
  145. See the Hollywood sign (means hiking :( )
  146. Take a sales training course
  147. Have someone I really admire ask me for advice
  148. Try an Israeli beer
  149. Try African horned melon
  150. Get a tatoo
  151. Attend an award ceremony
  152. Write a book
  153. Take a “puppy-break” at work
  154. Do a fountain run at USC
  155. Try kombucha
  156. Use Wikipedia randomizer to learn about something new
  157. Watch Javed Akhtar perform live (because couldn't see Jagjit Singh :( )
  158. Watch Chris Rock perform live
  159. Meet Will Smith
  160. Wear a Wonder Woman or super woman t-shirt
  161. Go inside Union Station
  162. Try Thai street fighting
  163. Try Bodysurfing
  164. Ride in a Tesla
  165. Paint my own home
  166. Sow seeds in my garden and see them grow
  167. Live in a tree-house for a few days
  168. To create a ridiculous bucket list ;)
  169. To go to Sunburn festival
  170. To go to Burning Man 
  171. To attend Mardi Gras
  172. To swim with the dolphins
  173. To see the pyramids in Egypt
  174. To see the pyramids in Mexico (Cancun)
  175. To snorkel 
  176. To Scuba dive